Below you will find a few samples of Ingrid's poetry. For a more complete collection please refer to her book, Nostalgic Melody of a Loving Heart which is described on this website on the Books page or can be purchased on Amazon.



why do I doubt your love from time to time"

she asked, weeping tears of silver pearls

"Sweet woman" he replied with a smile
"walk into the light... immerse in my eyes
there you find the truth"

Gently he lifted her face to his

Beloved,Ingrid Henzler

hear my call
let me cry when you ravish my heart and soul
tears of surrender I weaped a thousand times
oh let me feel once more your embrace
let me hear your most tender voice
on a sunny day under olive trees or during a storm
ravish me Beloved, I do not belong to me anymore
scent of wildflowers emanate lavishly in midst of the night


love knocked at my door
I am no longer the woman I was
but a burning flame
all night I spend half awake
feeling your gentle hands caressing my hair

early morn you are still at my side
pouring strength and peace into my open lips
oh Beloved stay with me during the day
I can’t live without your breath

Francis was a Peace makerFrancis
Poem dedicated to global peace

With the sword of discrimination
let us gallop around the earth
none is there to stop us
on our way into the Unknown

We honor justice for all
reach out in noble compassion
serve those who suffer
who are surrounded by darkness
who stumble and fall

Listen o people
this is our promise:
We gallop and stand up for the truth!

We may loose our names
people may laugh
call us a fool
while we defend the poor
we protect those in despair
sit together under starry nights
listen to stories and share
our peace and joy
with broken hearted
sisters and brothers
who do not dare to
love once more
who have lost all faith
their trust... but

our sword, our smile, and deeds
will conquer what has been lost
no one gets hurt, we clear the path
peace is our weapon, peace is our shield
we help restore what has been lost
tis the Power of the Almighty
who reigns and loves the world

Peace, descend on earth!
Peace, descend upon all living creatures!
Peace, spread around the globe!