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The Assisi Series

Assisi antica amata città

Poesia "Assisi" by Ingrid Henzler Musica: Clare de Lune
dal libro ( from the book): "Nostalgic Melody of a Loving Heart" by Ingrid Henzler

Assisi and the Godseekers

Assisi and the Godseekers by Ingrid Henzler,
Music with friendly permission by Michael Reimann, Kyrie Eleison
Erhätlich auf CD

Assisi/ The Hermitage

Assisi The Hermitage - Eremo delle Carceri -Video by Ingrid Henzler
Music by Jean Marie Benjami: Agnus Dei

Assisi Holy Mount Subasio

dedicated to God - His creation - The gift of life
music by Jean-Marie Benjamin and DIvna

Assisi Golden Autumn 2014

Take then my hand.... and lead me through narrow streets
Beloved..... in utter trust I will follow you............. knowing
darkness and light belong to each other.................. yet

Assisi Il bosco di San Francesco - The Woods of St. Francis

Assisi Il bosco di San Francesco - The Woods of St. Francis
(una piccola parte del bosco di San Franceso)

video: Ingrid Henzler
musica: Oltre la Tempesta, Marcelo Alvarez, Salvatore Licitra (CD)

dedicato a tutti coloro chi amano la bellezza della natura
dedicated to all who love to emerge into beauty of nature

Assisi Rose Garden / Giardino delle Rose

Guitar Music: Anonymous Romance

Oh Beloved
you move the earth
with your creation


Calendimaggio in Assisi

I am on my way to celebrate Calendimaggio in Assisi. 

The citizens.... the square...the narrow cobblestone streets.... everyone is dressed in the garments of the Middle ages. Three days of processions... groups of young and old..... men, women and children dancing and singing through the streets celebrating the return of spring...... and new life.... more

Assisi November Alone with God

Published on Nov 27, 2014

"Here I am. You called my name. Take then my hand and walk with me".

Assisi - Solitude on Mount Subasio

Assisi - Solitude on Mount Subasio, video by Ingrid Henzler, music Kindred Spirit Deuter, pictures / poem Ingrid Henzler and Frank Filtsch

Assisi Neve Eremo delle Carceri

fammi camminare... con i tuoi piedi
fammi toccare... con le tue mani
fammi vedere... con i tuoi occhi

Assisi Colors of Faith

Published on Sep 21, 2016

A walk through Assisi. Assisi with its many colors… the colors of silence… colors of tourists and pilgrims…of different religions.... 3 days from 18 - 20 Sept. 2016 religious leaders from all over the world unite in talks and prayer to contribute to peace . The inter religious conference Assisi "Thirst for Peace" "Sete di Pace " leaves prints of hope and joy in the many faces

Assisi a day like velvet and silk

Published on Aug 26, 2016

Eearly morn in Assisi, a day after the earthquake in Italy…. streets are still empty… it is quiet…. a gentle soft blue sky…. a day like velvet and silk …. and you think of the tragedy close by… villages destroyed by the earthquake… people buried under stones… it could have happened to Assisi…. and you become ever more still… reach out in compassion and prayer….. while you breathe in and out the fresh air of a summer day…. a day like silver and silk…

Assisi The night of Pope Francis' election

Assisi 13 March 2013 . A contemplative walk after the election of Pope Francis through ancient Assisi.

Good Friday.... Venerdì Santo ingrid

video/poem by Ingrid Henzler
music with friendly permission by Michael Reimann:
"Amen" sung by Benedictine monks

Assisi Mostra Maria A personal experience

Published on Dec 22, 2015

A walk through ancient cobblestone streets in the upper part of Assisi brought me to the Church Santa Maria delle Rose . Entering through the old portal 
I find myself in a holy spiritual place. 

Santuario della Verna A few days of Silent Retreat

Published on Nov 22, 2015

La Verna is a mystique sacred place for believers high on a mountain where St. Francis withdrew into seclusion in a dark forest and gaps of rocks ... he prayed... more

Mary Divine Mother

Published on Jan 28, 2016

Ave Maria piena di grazia il signore è con te
Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee


Journey to Lake Trasimeno a day within days

Dedicated to you dear ones who love peace and beauty in nature.
United we are in the spirit of love

"Love's Melody" at Lake Trasimeno

Video and Poem by Ingrid Henzler

"Thy beauty Beloved, oh Thy beauty
engrossed is my heart in Thy creation
and yet..... you are so much more.... help me see"

Castelluccio A Glimpse of Paradise

A tiny hill town ..... surrounded by mountains ...... vast meadows bellow .... blooming wild flowers.... horses.... cottages.... and you 

Castelluccio di Norcia Peace & Beauty in November

A journey to the high mountains and valleys of Castelluccio.

Abbazia Monte Oliveto Maggiore

3 giorni indimenticabili nell'Abbazia Monte Oliveto: Gli affreschi... l`architettura del monastero... il bosco selvatico... canto gregoriano e le preghiere... le cerimonie.... il cinguetto degli uccelli e sopratutto voi stessi cari monaci benedettini avete lasciato preziose impronte nella mia anima. Grazie a tutti voi per la vostra accoglienza e testimonianza di seguire la vostra vocazione.

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore Bergamo (Italy)

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore Città alta in Bergamo Italy, a famous church built in 1137 known for its magnificent art!

"Capuchos" Franciscan Cork Convent

"Capuchos" Franciscan Cork Convent Sintra Hills Portugal.

Sardinia Sunrise to Sunset

Sunrise in Sardinia!
Beginning in the ancient city of Cagliari
we walk through a few cobblestone streets with colorful buildings and look across a changing blue turquoise sea.

Sardinia Summertime in Carloforte

Carloforte, a little fisher village on the island St. Pietro enchants young and old.


Heidelberg Sunset over the River

Love's melody©Ingrid Henzler, Heidelberg Dec. 2013

Heidelberg A silent walk along the river

video/poem by Ingrid Henzler
music: "peaceful flow" by Joachim Goerke ( Cd)

Heidelberg Neckar - Nostalgic Memory

Published on Jan 16, 2015

One of those winter days in Heidelberg, you walk from sunshine through haze into brilliant golden light and approaching Blue of the evening. Ah and you listen to the melody of the river and the song of eternal love

Heidelberg... Wintermelody

A contemplative walk along the river Neckar...
A day within days... a moment in time... a mystery beyond words

The Neckar, the beautiful river in Heidelberg is quiet...
peace in the air... sparkling light dancing on frozen water
Dedicated in gratitude and love to you and the beauty of creation.
Special thanks to Joachim Goerke, who has composed
"Music to fall inside". Available on CD. Sajema Music

Heidelberg - Neckarsteinach Journey into the Past

4 Burgen Eck in Neckarsteinach Germany, 1200 AD

Heidelberg - Monastery Ruins on the Heiligenberg, the Holy Mountain


Monastery ruins St. Michael on "the Heiligenberg", 
the "Mountain of saints" 
"The Holy Mountain" has been hallowed ground for seven thousand years.
relics of early civilization are buried there. 
The Celts came andb built. The Romans came and left. 
In 870 the Benedictines occupied a monestary on the top of the Heiligenberg, the holy mountain and lived there till 1500, the time of the Reformation.

Hildegard von Bingen..... The Call

Video and poem: Ingrid Henzler.... dedicated to Hildegard von Bingen
to all who feel called to surrender to God's will and love


Paris Cemetery Pere Lachaise

our journey on earth
a pilgrimage
touched by the rising sun
a drop of rainbow colors
soon it is night

©Ingrid Henzler

Paris A day at the Louvre

Art of eternal Beauty


Paris before Spring (2)

A journey from day into night. We take the metro .... climb the steps to the highest point in Paris an visit Sacre Cuoer... we take a moment for contemplation... 

Paris Sainte Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle or the Holy Chapel is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture.

Paris before Spring

A walk with Ingrid through Paris. 14 February 2014

Paris, Abbey Saint Germain Des Pres

A walk through the oldest church in Paris : The Benedictine Abbey St. Germain des Pres. 

Paris Church Saint Severin

In the 6th Century a hermit named Severin lived on these grounds where we find the church Saint Severin. Clodoald, the grandson of King Clovis, loved the hermit who convinced him to take holy orders, and an oratory was built here in his memory.

Strasburg A stroll through the City

A pleasant enchanting afternoon in Strasburg.


Budapest Memories

Budapest - the pulsating capital of Hungary leaves prints in the heart - the music of Ralph Zurmühle "The Wind at my back" (CD Our Mother 2006) underlines the memory of the vibrant and yet peaceful and serene city.

The Holy Land

Jerusalem Communion with Silence

Jerusalem has countless faces. This video is an invitation to let some of the sacred places In the Holy Land as well the expression of people`s faces talk to us.  more...

Nazareth Monastery of the Annunciation - St. John Baptiste

Thanks to the nuns of the "Monastery of the Annunciation" who gave permission for spending some days in silent retreat in their little guesthouse. 


Bodh Gaya India the Temple Ground

Video by Ingrid Henzler
In Febr./March 2010 I spent some days in Bodh Gaya. I was deeply moved to see the many sincere pilgrims walking or contemplating in Bodh Gaya on the Temple ground. It is said that Buddha attained enlightenment thousands of years ago under the Bodhi Tree.

Other Videos

Your Heartbeat Beloved

music: T. Albinoni Adagio, Flaute: Klaus-Peter Diehl
poem: in english and german: © Ingrid Henzler

your heartbeat
I want to listen to your heartbeat...

Take flight my soul.... Nostalgic melody

video/poem: Ingrid Henzler
(From Ingrids` book "Nostalgic melody of a loving heart"
music: "By the River" from William Belote

Interview mit Ingrid Henzler

Weshalb entscheiden sich immer wieder zahlreiche Menschen, in den Franziskanerorden einzutreten? Die Autorin und vierfache Mutter Ingrid Henzler hat sich nach Assisi begeben und dort zwölf Franziskaner befragt: Frauen und Männer, Menschen verschiedenen Alters und unterschiedlicher Herkunft. Leben wie Franz von Assisi? Geht das überhaupt im 21. Jahrhundert, 800 Jahre nach dem Tod des Heiligen? In ungewöhnlich offener Weise erzählen sie in dem Buch "Gottsucher: Leben wie Franz von Assisi" von ihrer Berufung und ihrem Leben in Gehorsam, Keuschheit und Armut. Uli Bobinger hat mit Ingrid Henzler gesprochen.