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The God Seekers

The Life of the Franciscans Today



The God Seekers, The Life of the Franciscans Today is now available in paperback form.  

The God Seekers in Paperback


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The God Seekers

Twelve Franciscan Brothers and Sisters talk openly in sensitive interviews about their relationship with God, their hopes and dreams, their joys and temptations in everyday life.

What have they found?
What have they let go?
Why did they follow their calling?

The veil lifts up like the curtain on a stage; we are in the middle of the interior life of a Franciscan Order.
This book will illuminate whatever path you have chosen!

The God Seekers will help you find your own calling in life.

Please Note: Ingrid is available for speaking engagements

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Review Excerpts

"Not only does this book capture the love and passion of the men and women who follow a Franciscan path, but of Francis and Clare themselves. How could it be any other way? Ingrid's own love for these saints, and those who follow their example, shines through in exquisite ways. If you're holding this book reading these words, I'm sure you'll be entranced as well."  full review

James F. Twyman
NY Times Best selling author and Peace Troubadour

"The God Seekers, by Ingrid Henzler, is truly the most fascinating book I’ve read this year. Whether we are religious or not, the interviews that Ingrid has included in this wonderful book give us an amazing view into the lives of the Franciscan brothers and sisters—their challenges, their triumphs, their sorrows, and their joys—as they each walk the path that leads them into the heart of the Beloved. Each of them on their own unique and beautiful journey with God, it is impossible not to fall in love with them all.

Thank you, Ingrid, for a book that I will treasure and share… May its words be read by all who seek the ever-present, ever-humble, ever-loving Creator of all that is. full review

Heather K. O’Hara
Author of AXIS, The Song in the Center of the Soul

"... deep in the unknown aspects of ourselves, there is a longing for God in all of us. We may call it our psyche, our spirit, the collective unconscious. The truth is we have an innate longing for belonging, and the mystery beckons to us in countless ways whether we are aware of it or not.

Who are the God Seekers? It is an intriguing title and may summon as many different images as there are people ...(in this book) ...the deeply sensitive interviews with ...Franciscian brothers and sisters ... give us an opportunity to listen to our own hearts.

The God Seekers is an intriguing and beautifully conceived book, and I found it compelling and rewarding to read. I feel great respect and gratitude for all who helped to bring it into being."  full review

Naomi Stone
Writer, Mystic Poet, Educator

"...until now we never had a book like The God Seekers, ....it takes us to the interior life of an Order.

...(the fact is) it is really very hard for a Brother or a Sister to reveal their own intimate thoughts to another person. They do not want to share their deep emotions, wishes, real weaknesses, and interior struggles with other people.

With her big heart, Ingrid Henzler has succeeded in climbing over the walls of the convents.

...because of her capacity for listening without judging, she has allowed her subjects to speak in a candid way, maybe even in a way they hadn’t intended... In each (interview)... we discover thoughts that we know, some wishes that are similar to ours; we see their spiritual and deep human aspect.

The book by Ingrid Henzler is not only a fascinating journey through the life of a Franciscan..., but also a work inducing us to acknowledge deep inside of us our own call and to reconsider our response in our own life.

...we can say that reading The God Seekers is a must or, even better, a gift. " full review

Father Maximilian Mizzi, OFM
CEFID (International Center for Dialogue - Assisi)

"TRULY INSPIRING! One of the best gifts you can make yourself and others! "  full review

Claudia Henzler
May 22, 2014